Monday, January 16, 2012

Walking the Walk

Friday afternoon, I gave a lecture to clients of the clinic where I am interning on the subject of diabetes.  There were about 14 people present, none of which had diabetes, but this was a mandatory class for those people who wanted to continue receiving food benefits.

I love speaking to people, but always have a rough time starting off presentations.  I should just start with a joke.  But the audience was wonderful and participated fully in the discussion.  But I think what meant most to them was when I told them about myself.

I think it's natural for people to want to hear about someone else's trials and tribulations.  So I told them about how for the first time ever, I scored "pre-diabetic" on my fasting glucose test.  How I went to my doctor and cried to her about my score, and how she upbraided me about that.  (I mean seriously, I know what to do.)

Therefore, I now exercise 30 minutes a day 5x a week, and am now counting my carbohydrate intake at each meal.  I told them how I do it, and then we discussed how truly, everyone should do it.

When it was all over and everyone said goodbye, the comments that stood out most in my mind are the acknowledgement I got for "walking the walk."  I just have to work on talking the talk.

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