Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Kindness

On the way to my internship site this morning, I was witness to, and even reluctantly participated in, two acts of kindness.  Both involved my bus trip south on La Brea Avenue.  

First, I waited for the bus wearing my backpack, my purse, my lunch box, holding onto a book of Tehillim and my coffee mug.  Slight overkill.  So when the old lady with two suitcases approached I really didn't pay  much attention to her until the bus came.  

A very nice woman offered to help her carry one of her bags into the bus after the driver refused to lower the handicap ramp for her to roll them on herself.  I admit, I was kinda in a rush and this lady was taking her sweet time with the other suitcase so I grabbed it with my one free hand (I had the coffee mug and the Tehillim in one hand now) and dragged it up the stairs.  

Oy vey.  I looked at the driver and told him the thing was full of rocks.  I then sat down.  The old lady didn't have the right amount of money for the bus which meant her trip was gonna be a short one.  The next stop she was off, with the same sweet woman helping her take her cases off.  

I'm not proud of ignoring her, but her stuff was heavy and I was overburdened already.  But the kindness doesn't end there.  A few stops later, another old lady got on the bus with plastic bags, and another woman jumped up to help her with them.

I was amazed.  I announced to both women how wonderful it was to ride a bus with such kind people.  One of the women answered that one day we'll be old too, and it would be nice to know someone would help us.  

How true.  What a wonderful way to start the day.


  1. I had a very similar experience on the bus this week! It is a wonderful way to start the day

  2. I miss you!! You are those kind people dear!