Monday, January 2, 2012

Trusting Myself

A dear friend and I went to the matinee today to see Sherlock Holmes 2.  We planned to meet early, and when we did, found that the box office wasn't open yet, which meant we could run a few errands.  While my friend ran off to the bank, I volunteered to get us coffee at Starbucks.

When it came to be my turn, I stared hard at the young man taking my order.  He looked very familiar and I'm good with faces.  So I took off my sunglasses and looked right at him.  He took my order, and then mentioned that I looked familiar.

"Yes, Dan," I cried, "it's me, Nana, from Econ 150."  I told him that I was seeing the movie with another classmate of ours, and when she came back from the bank, it was a fun reunion.

She was impressed that I remembered him.  That's because I make it my business to interact with the other students, and this class was headed up by Dr. Kim, who was a real character.  We had a fair share of military veterans in the class, including Dan, who sported a mohawk dyed purple.  He's still a theater arts and graphic illustrator major, and appears far more conservative now than I remember him.

But remember him I did.  Good to see old classmates every now and then, especially so close to home.


  1. I didn't know that remembering faces was a specialty of yours.

  2. I've always been good with faces. Putting names to those faces is another story!