Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What A Day

Still without a car and running quite late, my son Shlomo and I jumped on our bikes and headed out as fast as we could to the nearest subway station. I just want to mention that the station we headed out to is uphill all the way.

Well, skinny Shlomo was peddling like a maniac and making good time. His mother, aka me, was practically hyperventilating to keep up. Exhausted, we made it to the subway station with 3 minutes to spare, giving us the time we needed to make it two stops up the line, get out of the subway station and ride the two blocks to the medical office to check in for Shlomo's early morning doctor appointment.

Two hours later, we were on our way home, again by subway. This was Shlomo's first ride on the rails, and he liked it. It was pretty crowded, and with the bikes, it was a squeeze.

After we split up, Shlomo going to school and me going to the bank, I noticed a line outside the comic book store offering free comics. Okay, it was the word "free" that caught my eye, so I parked my bike and stood in line for something completely different: inflated Thor thunder sticks and a poster, signed by the director of the movie and one of its stars.

I'm not a comic book person, but I really liked the waiting in line thing. The young man in front of me kinda filled me in on things, but I've seen the billboards around town and knew vaguely about the movie. My other son Mendel is really into this mythology thing, which I find boring, and never fails to fill me in whenever we're at a stop light.

So when my turn came to get the poster signed, there wasn't much to say to the producer, other than good luck. But Jaimie Alexander was wonderful. She not only signed my poster, but put a message to Mendel on it: "Listen to your mother," she wrote, "she loves you."

Guess who's going to see Thor?


  1. Just another crazy day in my crazy life! Thanks for reading.