Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Print Out and Be Happy

Today, I made a commitment to myself. Today I signed up for the gym at the local senior center (again) and went to work out. Okay, not exactly Olympic material, but I felt good walking for about 40 minutes on the treadmill, reading Tehillim, and sweating a little.

Of course, I left my phone in the beverage holder - standard operating procedure. Didn't notice until I got home, and went to check out my notes on the phone. I had written down the name of a couple of printers I saw at Staples last night and went to look them up on google.

Thank G-d the staff found my phone and waited for me to call. So I googled the printers from memory, and found one I hadn't seen before: HP Deskjet 1000. Cost: $29.99. Location: Target. Total win-win.

As my laptop is not attached to the main printer at home, it's a hassle to send the document to my email account, or put it on a flash drive to walk over to the main computer and print out. Starting this afternoon, I can print out at my own desk. Talk about excited. And my new little printer comes with a carry pouch for travel!

It's the little things. And the things that don't weigh so much. Things like my deskjet. Oh yeah.

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