Sunday, May 8, 2011

Red Rain

I have this blood condition that gives me quite a bit of problems. Courtesy of a genetic mutation, my body produces too many platelets, and now, too many red blood cells. Mazel tov to me!

So to keep my system steady, which means avoiding blood clots and stroke, my options are very limited. I can go on leukemia medication, which seems a bit much to me. Or I can drain off the blood from time to time to bring my counts down.

Last Friday, it was that time. I thought it was a joke, and tried to be lighthearted about it, but in the end I was lightheaded. In less than 5 minutes my body was drained of 540 mLs of red blood in a big old glass bottle, and it was totally gross.

My mistake to ask to see the bottle, which was all frothy and disgustingly red. I must be getting wimpy in my old age but I thought I would faint from that alone.

I just hope it helps.

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