Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Final Word About Today

I asked a dear friend of mine to save me a seat the Bikur Cholim luncheon today (see previous post) so when I got there and it was mobbed, all I had to do was find my friend and put my purse down. I was then sent off to get food.

Before actually joining the buffet line, I dashed over to the exhibitors. There was a chef there with a big plate of cactus salad for us to sample. I was so excited - finally an opportunity to try what the locals here called nopales. They are oblong, flat prickly pear cactus denuded of spikes and grilled or sauteed to add to tossed salad.

I had a quick conversation with the chef, mentioning to all around me that nopales, the term used to refer to prickly pear cactus in Spanish, is a local remedy for elevated blood sugar. Of course I also mentioned that I thought it was interesting that Hispanics, which have a genetic tendency toward diabetes due to a mutated allele, live in a country where this cactus abounds.

The chef smiled, and everyone around me went about their business in much the same way most people would when they hear something talking about their encounter with space aliens. I decided I really need to keep some information to myself, and vowed to do so whenever so challenged.

I tried the nopales salad, and thanked the Holy One, Blessed Be He, that I don't have diabetes. Or maybe it just needed a different dressing. Still, I think it's amazing how G-d puts the cure to the disease right where it's needed.

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