Monday, May 16, 2011

Biking My Ride

This was my off carpool day, and I looked forward to taking a long bike ride. I started out to a destination that would definitely take 30 minutes, but when I hit the 20 minute mark, I was beat. It had hit the wall.

Lucky for me there was a traffic jam up ahead, which meant the bus had stopped before the actual bus stop sign and was letting a wheel-chair bound passenger off. The takes a good 5 minutes, long enough for me to catch up to the bus, load my bike up and stand in line to enter.

I ended up being a few minutes late for my appointment, but had a wonderful meeting. My mentor is a delightful person, and has become more like a friend. We chatted away and actually made some real progress on a project we're working on.

When it came time to go, I knew I wanted to go to the local farmer's market, an outdoor affair with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, usually delicious and beautiful, at astronomical prices. So I rode my bike to the nearest subway stop, got off at Hollywood/Highland station with about 8 million other tourists, and rode the short few blocks to the market.

I decided to choose wisely and spend no more than $10. That included a hit of wheat grass, with a spritz of ginger. Feeling incredibly invigorated, I sprinted the rest of the even shorter way home.

Ah, the joys of moving around the city on bike. Now if only I was actually in shape to do it right.

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