Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tofu To See You

My food science class got a real treat today: a tour of House Foods tofu factory in Garden Grove, California. Home of Knotts Berry Farm, the small community of industrial sites was very warm and inviting.

First, we learned a lot about tofu. This company makes tons of it, literally, and almost all of it is kosher. I was so excited.

Then we toured the plant and watched workers creating all the different types of tofu - soft, hard, firm, semi firm, soy milk. In fact, we even made tofu ourselves, in groups of three, out of warm soy milk, calcium sulfide and water. Talk about cool.

The plant R&D department made lunch, which I turned down as I really need a Rabbi supervising things when I'm away from home. But it looked and smelled good, and chances are, was perfectly acceptable to eat. All, that is, except the mock cheese cake, which actually did have dairy in it.

We had been expecting a long trek to get to Garden Grove, and prepared ourselves for a 1 hour there and a 2 hour ride back. We got the "there" part right, but actually got home in less than 1 hour. I rode my bike to my friend's house to carpool, so I rode home afterwards feeling like I had learned a lot today.

One thing's for sure: more House Foods tofu in my diet. My estrogen receptors need it, and my hormones crave it. I think I'll try garlic and pepper.

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