Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Parking Spot from G-d

I was on my way to teach physiology when my phone rang. I stopped my bike, on my street, and answered the call. It was an old friend asking for a favor.

Monday and Tuesday is street cleaning on my block, which means alternative parking leaving one side of the street clear. The side of the street permitted to parking was full and the family van was on the wrong side. We had 30 minutes to move it.

As I was winding up my conversation, a neighbor came running out of the house, jumped in her car and drove off. Wouldn't you know it - the car left from the permitted side of the street. I quickly called my husband to move the car while I stood in the spot.

If my friend had called a few minutes later we would have missed the spot. Thank you G-d.

Feeling the love.

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