Monday, September 26, 2011

Fearing the Fear Itself

I can't remember who it was who mentioned it first, but if it wasn't for them, I would be clueless as to what is going on around me. I referring to the fact that President Obama is coming to my town today.

I know that there are people around the country and throughout the world who would be thrilled at the thought of their president coming to visit. That's not really the feeling here in Los Angeles.

I mean, traffic is bad enough, and when El Presidente shows up (this is not his first trip here), it practically comes to a standstill. So when I got wind of the President's visit, I panicked. Especially when I realized he was going to be less than a mile from my house.

You see, I had carpool today, and rumor had it that the main street I need to cross to get there was being shut down. It took the clerk at the bakery and a fellow shopper to calm me down. These strangers started giving me advice on how to travel, but more importantly, how not to worry. They made me believe I could make it.

To play to safe, I left early for carpool. When I came upon the street that was rumored to be closed, I began to shake. But I passed right through it. I thanked G-d and got to the school early in the hopes of taking the girls early.

Now for the trip back. Sailed right through the street again. I felt like crying. I had made it. The bakery people were right. Or wrong. Maybe they weren't going to close that street. Maybe I just panicked for nothing.

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