Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh Happy Day?

I hate to be over dramatic, but today really was too much. To paraphrase someone else, it was always something.

It started out well enough. I went to Kaiser to do my lab work in advance of a physical exam on Thursday. Came home, ate breakfast, showered, and took my eldest to school to settle the tuition bill. We stopped off at the Metro office to renew my bus pass, but the line was unbelievable and if we stayed, he'd miss class.

We went to his school instead, a wise choice, since we settled the bill and my son got to class on time. I decided to try the Metro office again, in the hopes of getting the renewal. After all, the day was young and I had time to spare.

OMGosh, the line was twice as long and only one clerk was working. It took 45 minutes for me to move 20 feet - I knew it would take another hour and a half to get to that window. I called my Congresswoman's office for some intervention, but her staff said no. This is a county issue, and she's federal. I gave up, threw in the towel, wished my fellow line standers good luck. We're talking high school kids and a young girl on disability.

I walked out of there pretty upset. Got home, ate lunch, called my city councilman's office, whose staff promised to call the Metro main office, but they too, told me this is a county issue. I called my county representative, who's staff really got bothered by what I told him and also promised to call the Metro office.

But that's not all. My youngest son came home from school with his hand still swollen from a bee sting the other day; my middle son MADE me take him shopping after dinner for pants, and there's algae growing in the water cooler, the only source of cold water in the house. Add to that my lab results for my fasting glucose test is borderline pre-diabetes. Oy vey.

Other than all that, I can't complain.

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