Monday, September 19, 2011

It Must Be Me

I went to a beautiful wedding last night. The bride was gorgeous, the groom was handsome, and everyone was happy. This young lady is quite accomplished, and it took her a while to find the right man. Her mother, a friend and my daughter's English teacher last year, looked at me all smiles and said "we did it!"

After the chupah (ceremony), the crowd went back inside for the meal. We polished off the salad with lively conversation and waited for the bride and groom to finish picture taking. It seemed to be taking a while, but we relaxed, noting that the parents were back and that's a good sign.

An hour later, with no further courses being served, the couple came into the room. Sorry, it was 9:00 pm, my bedtime, or at least the time I like to snuggle in bed and either read a book or watch a movie. I danced a little, then raced out. I had been there since 6 pm.

It must be me. I am so anxious about the internship starting, and my life finally getting in order that I can't seem to settle down. It didn't' help that the generator light came on in my car yesterday and I practically starting crying.

It's that control thing again. I like to be in control. I have no money, but I'm thinking of buying a new car just to make sure I get to my internship on time. Is that crazy? Okay, the bus/subway takes 2 hours, but it's only 10 weeks. After that, I'll be some place closer to home.

I need to relax. Going to San Diego tomorrow to volunteer for the upcoming American Dietetic Association conference this coming weekend. I give them 8 hours, they give me free admission. I'm taking the Surfliner train down, which should give me a good 2.5 hours to relax. The view is amazing - it's runs a good part by the beach.

Okay, every once in a while I have to stop myself and say, "it's gonna be okay. I can do this." Thank you to all my dearest friends and family who have been saying this all along.

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