Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seeing And Staying With An Old Friend

It was wonderful to see an old friend in San Diego yesterday. Even if it meant sitting in the train station, at dusk, for 30 minutes before she came to fetch me.

It appears her phone doesn't ring, which makes calling her difficult. When I couldn't get through, I had to call a mutual friend in Los Angeles for alternate numbers. During the wait, I caught a glimpse of the Muslim taxi drivers praying on rugs outside the train station. Don't get to see that up close that often, if at all. Seems the Muslim population of San Diego is growing.

What a relief when she finally showed up. At first I was a little mad, but no one can stay mad at her for long. She is sweet to the core. We grabbed a bit to eat, and then sat up for a few hours catching up with each other.

Despite the odds against it, she dropped me off nearly on time this morning to my volunteer site (see previous post). I'm home now, able to relax and breathe before my internship begins tomorrow morning. Seeing and staying with an old friend is apparently a good way to get ready for any trial to come.

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