Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Day Is Done

Today was the first day of my internship. I knew it would be an orientation day, but I hate the unknown and until the day was done, it was unknown. Hence, my relief when it was over.

The good thing about the hospital I'm in is that the dietetic staff provided me with a calendar of what to expect. I have assignments, presentations, and a whole lot of learning to do over the next 29 days.

Once again, I survived. I made it through the day, and didn't compromise myself. Usually I don't talk about why I bring my own lunch, or why I won't be joining the staff in the cafeteria. Today, I let it be known that I cannot eat food in the cafeteria. I can sit with the staff and drink coffee, but not eat food. It would, G-d forbid, give the impression that I bought my food from an non-kosher source.

And the staff was fine with that. And I'm fine with the staff. I ask that G-d protect me, give me strength and help me succeed. Amen.

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