Monday, September 12, 2011

No Control

I'll speak for myself here, but I'm sure most people would agree. We like to be able to control some, or even just part of our lives. That's why we have "Things To Do" lists. Makes us feel good about ourselves.

I had just such a mental list this morning. Got dressed for the gym, grabbed my big Tehillim, and decided to make three stops before going to work out.

First stop, the doctor's office to pick up my medical form for the dietetic internship. My doctor is so sweet, just told me to drop by anytime and pick it up. So I did. Then the staff told me to check in first, and when it was all over, it took 30 minutes to just "drop by" and pick it up.

Then to the library to return videos and books checked out. If I had only been there 15 minutes earlier, I would not have been assessed $12 in fines for the movies, due Saturday. Yeah.

The highlight of the morning came when I went to renew my bus pass (see previous posts) and I was 3rd in line! How happy that experience was.

Got to the gym at 10:50 am (my quest began at 9 am) and spent a few minutes talking shop with a fellow senior. My phone rang, but I was too engaged to pick it up. When I checked the message a few minutes later, I learned that my son had thrown up and needed to be picked up from school.

After that, I went home, found a great parking spot, and here I am. Just goes to show you, the more you think you've nailed it, the more you miss it. Thank you G-d, for reminding me just who the Boss is.

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