Sunday, September 25, 2011

Walking the Walk

My internship mentor and I left our homes early this morning to attend the American Dietetic Association's annual convention in San Diego. M drove and we made remarkable time. It seemed like we traveled 200 miles in the blink of an eye.

But we were not quite prepared with what awaited us. We entered San Diego's convention center, got our registration tags and there, before our eyes, lie thousands of vendors and miles of aisles. It was overwhelming.

It took us 5 hours to walk the walk, with a brief interlude for a lecture. OMgosh, there was so much food and so many pens - and we barely ate anything. The beauty of walking the walk with another person who keeps kosher is that we both looked for the right symbols. Occasionally we found what we were looking for. Most of the time, we were just impressed with the offer.

By closing time, we were beat. Tired, exhausted, wiped out. We had literally walked miles, meeting people, learning about products and services. I couldn't wait to start the journey home. I had decided not to stay another day but to go home by train.

I got on the train before all the people who had attended a sporting event did - it was standing room only by the second stop. I enjoyed the comfort of a seat, peace and quiet (courtesy of my MP3 player) and actually got some work done.

Thank you M, for a great day and help with filling three canvas bags worth of booty. Sorting it all out will probably take longer then amassing it.

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