Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today I Am A Crayon

I couldn't help but think about Franz Kafka's Gregor Samsa as I dressed up as a crayon for Purim.  Yes, that's right, a crayon.  A red one, actually.  My daughter was a purple crayon.  This way, people knew we were related.

Only kidding.  Last November, my daughter, sons and I went to Kmart, a local department store here, to pick something up.  It never occurred to us that Kmart was selling off it's stock of Halloween costumes for next to nothing, and when we accidentally came upon the sale, we went nuts.

That meant crayola costumes for my daughter and I, mustard and ketchup costumes for my sons (which they didn't wear), and a banana costume for what turns out to be a child.  I also got costumes for friends, including a young son and a dog.  If I had known a friend would get a second dog, I would have bought two of them.

So here we are, Purim night, after a long day's fast, eating everything in sight.  I'll just add a few minutes to the treadmill tomorrow.  I hope.


  1. Does this mean I should have Muffin wear her princess costume today? My guardian saw a few people at her new job wearing customes today.

  2. You mean she doesn't wear it everyday! Yes, Yes, put it on her.