Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just A Few Interesting Thoughts

This Tuesday morning I had surgery on my face.  Not that kind of surgery, although it would have been nice.  I had a basal cell growth removed from under my left eye.  The surgeon, a perfect candidate for a personality in-plant, refused my request to sew me up.  It was a small, round cut, and I didn't want to go to the plastic surgeon.

The surgeon insisted.  So by 10:30 am I was ready to go home (he used the MOHS system and got everything on the first attempt), but my appointment with the plastic surgeon wasn't until 3:15 pm.  With a rather large bandage in place, I went home by bus.

Oh my gosh, you would not believe the way people were staring at me.  Listen, I ride the bus a lot and you see all kinds of people.  One with a rather large bandage on one side of her face is not all the rare.  Later, the plastic surgeon made the cut twice as big and inserted 8 stitches a la Frankenstein, and insisted on no bandage. Once again, I took the bus home.  NO ONE EVEN LOOKED AT ME.

What a day.

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