Sunday, March 18, 2012

Should I Stay or Go?

When I went to shul yesterday, my face, and the prominent scar slashed across it, became a real topic of conversation.  Some people don't like to hear the word cancer, it makes them nervous.  You have to call it something else, like they cut this thing out of my face, wink, wink.  Everybody knew what I meant and nobody could stop staring.

So today, this afternoon, I am invited to the bar mitzvah of a friend's son.  This is the third mutual age son we have in common, and it would be wrong to miss the party.  But where I didn't really care about my face before, now I'm a little concerned about how I look.  I need to make up my mind about it - the party is in a few hours. But it's a dilemma.  I will upset my friend either way - when she sees my face or if I don't go.

Okay, I'm going.  Wow, writing things out really does help.  I should do this more often.  Like with my thesis.

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