Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Stitch In Time

I got the stitches (all 8 of them) in my face removed yesterday, all the while telling the doctor that he should have warned me what would happen.  When he felt around the scar for the first time, he was, indeed alarmed.

It appears that I had a major blood clot under my scar, the reason why my face was so swollen and I continue to be miserable to this day.  It will take weeks before my cheek is back to normal.

I looked at my doctor with a somewhat red eye and said, what?  It isn't normal to walk around with one side of your face black and blue, the size of a watermelon and your eye nearly shut after this kind of wound?  No it is not, he assured me.  I was the 1% that has this happen.

While it's nice to feel special and apart from the crowd, I just want to be like everyone else - cheeks the same size and eyes wide open.

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