Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bus Stop Revelation

I went to my future rotation site today to fill out paperwork and to generally get the ball rolling for the final nutritional confrontation - food service (the internship is divided into three rotations: clinical, elective and food service).  Hope I'm up for it.

Afterwards, I waited at another bus stop to meet VC and JJ for lunch.  It was a completely different bus line, I had picked up an additional bag from the site, and frankly, the book I was reading was so riveting that I lost track of time.  And my back pack.

That's right - when the bus came, I got on.  Along with my purse, my additional bag and my book.  But not my back pack.  Lucky for me I'm always fidgeting around with my stuff or I would not have noticed my missing back pack until I was in another city (that's easy to do in Los Angeles - there's hundreds of cities whose boundaries make no sense and you cross into without knowing).  

I jumped off the bus (the driver felt so bad he gave me a free return ticket) and waited somewhat impatiently for the bus going back where I came from to show up.  I started going through my mind what I had to lose in the back pack.  I had cleaned it out before my trip this morning.  Then I remembered: the volunteer forms that needed filling out.  I would look like an idiot if I had to replace them.

When I couldn't wait any longer, I started walking, and that's when the bus came along.  No where near a bus stop, I motioned to the driver to let me on, which she rightly refused.  So I continued walking, and was saved by a red stop light. I managed to cross the street alongside the bus and make it to the bus stop before the bus left.  The next stop is where I needed to get off.

And there it was - my back pack.  I thanked G-d immediately, promised who remembers what for the reunion, and waited for the bus to take me to lunch.  Oy vey.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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