Friday, June 3, 2011

Sharing Happiness

I am nearsighted, which means I don't need reading glasses, but I do use my bifocals, as a separate pair, to read the computer. I have several pairs of these small bifocal only glasses, but a few days ago I found a pair of them on the floor of my bedroom, the ear pieces snapped off.

I figured I would put them away for now and take them to the optometrist to be refashioned when I had a chance. Well, when I found what's left of them broken completely in in half (somebody's angry!), I decided I had better go when the going was still goable.

When I got to my friendly optometrist, he had a customer he was helping, a bubbly young black woman who was obviously very excited. And for good reason. Because when the good glass doctor emerged from the back room, he was carrying the object of this young woman's desire: cat-eye glasses.

As she swooned over her glasses, she told me every detail - a total stranger. And I soaked it all up, joyfully. They were beautiful glasses, with multi-color gems on the tips, purchased in New York city after years of an exhaustive search. I was so happy for her.

Thank you G-d, for the joy. There's truly something special about watching someone else who is very happy. Lifts the soul big time.

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