Monday, June 20, 2011

Grant Me This

I have an idea for a thesis and it has to do with child obesity. I know, not very original, but quite critical. So I got an email about a month ago calling for research proposals on child obesity. Bingo.

Well, it's really not that easy to write a grant unless you've done it before. I kinda have, but still, sorting everything out and presenting it the way it will be viewed favorably is really knocking me on my tush.

I also started my teacher assistant job today. It's mostly in the food lab and I'm partnered with a wonderful professor who is eager to communicate with her students. She's originally from Columbia (the country) and is very self-conscious about her accent. I personally think it's very sexy and considering the demographic in this town, she totally has the upper hand.

Tomorrow is my day off and I will try to spend a good deal of it ironing out the grant. If I don't get it I plan to still go forward with my thesis idea. I think it's a good one and hope the arbitrators will too.


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  1. Good luck! There aren't any tips for grant writing on the internet?