Thursday, June 23, 2011

School's Out For Summer

Well, yesterday was the last day for all my kids. Now they're all home and I pray to G-d I don't kill someone.

As we are holding just a few days before camp starts, I let the kids watch cute videos like G-Force, Marmaduke and the like, just to keep them quiet. It's the between video time that really causes the problems.

Tonight, for example, when I said lights out, I thought my boys would knock each other's lights out. It was all I could do to fold laundry and try to stay out of it.

I work three days a week, including tomorrow (Friday), with two days off to take care of all my other chores and errands. Is it wrong to pine away for camp to start? I really can't wait - my boys need structure, which I can't give them while I'm trying to take care of my own business.

Just four days left. To freedom.

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