Monday, June 13, 2011

Making the Grade

I found out last night that I earned an A- in one of my graduate courses. I know I should be happy, but the amount of time and effort I put into that class was not worth an A-. It was worth a full A.

So I kept that in mind as I graded my 12th physiology students tonight. I carefully added up three semesters' worth of points, and assigned a letter grade. Unlike my professor, where a 92% is an A-, anyone earning 90% of the highest earnable points got an A. That was roughly 80% of the class.

There were two Bs, and two Cs. Everyone else got an A. And I'm glad about it. No doubt these girls gave me grief, but I learned a lot about teaching and my own abilities by spending an hour and a half with them each week. No, I don't wish it over again. Looking back, I wish it had never happened. But it did, and I think everyone came out better for it.

So I say to my professor, who will never hear it, I earned a full A, and an A- is an insult. My dear friend who also earned an A- feels the same way too. As my parents would say, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Time to suck it up and take it like an adult. I learned so much from this class too. It's all good.

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