Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Junior, J, V, and Me

I know this sounds weird, but Pico Kosher Deli is fast becoming "our place." For my husband, no. But for my friends J, V and me, yes.

I can still smell and taste it now, hours after consuming it completely - the Jr. Burger, a hands down favorite among the clientele. A burger with a salad between the buns, slices of pastrami, onions, and thousand island dressing. It's truly a blessing from the One Above.

Today, J, V and me got to PKD bright and early, chose our booth and hunkered down in anticipation of the joy to come. J and V started out with matzoh ball chicken soup; I took the house salad. Both J and me got the Jr. Burger, while V settled for a turkey sandwich on rye.

I cut the burger in half as soon as it got to me, but knew in my heart I would eat it all at once. What bliss. For both the company and the food.

Thanks J and V. It's our place.

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