Sunday, February 20, 2011

What A Surprise

My husband is a big fan of Popular Science magazine, so when someone on was offering his 40 year old collection of the magazines for free, guess who jumped on them? My husband.

So one day, minding my own business, I noticed the cover of the magazine from the 1970s featuring an article by Werner Van Braun and I freaked out. That was the Nazi V2 rockets guy - writing in Popular Science. Talk about gross.

Then my husband tells me that Werner VB and all his Nazi cronies made our space program happen, which, in truth, I knew. But to see his name in my own home on a magazine as American as apple pie! I get that he worked for the man, both here and there, but there, the man was a mass-murderer.

Werner Van Braun had a guest column in Popular Science. Wonder if he ever mused about all the Jews who were murdered making his rockets. I'm gonna guess he didn't. Necessity makes strange bed fellows indeed.

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