Wednesday, February 9, 2011

He Did It Again!

When I'm riding my bike out in the street, I generally pay more attention to the world around me, since the on a bike, that world is slightly more lethal. And you never know where G-d will take an opportunity to tell you something.

Like when I was coming off the subway car. I found myself following right behind a rotund woman shepherding a bike, heading in the same direction as me. Which seemed kinda weird because rarely are there other bicyclists getting off my stop, and here was one going in the exact direction as me (once off the subway car, you can go either left or right, arriving ultimately at one of two different streets).

In one smooth move, she rolled her bike onto the escalator. Following her lead, I did the same. Simple, eh?

Not for me. Usually I pick up my bike and anchor the front tire a few steps above me to avoid being pulled back by the weight of the bike. Stupid, but whatever.

Thank you G-d for letting me know how to do it right. I'd just like to mention it's been about 5 months that I'm taking the bike on the subway, and now I get the message? Not complaining, just wondering. . .

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