Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank You Boss

I just want to say one thing: who ever invented peanut butter chocolate balls should be given an extra share in Heaven, because they make me very happy.

I went to a "L'Chaim" last night, an engagement party for a happy Jewish couple. But it's more than that. It's a screaming cake, cookie, candy with a small platter of cut veggies eating fest. Man, the one place on earth I love being but really should avoid.

So I loaded up a plate with cut veggies, dip, and said peanut butter balls. Went back for a refill - didn't deviate from the menu. Drank sparking water, went back a third time.

Woke up this morning with such a stomach ache, and believe me, I earned it. But my feelings about peanut butter balls has not changed. If you invented peanut butter balls (and I'm including Reese's), may G-d bless you, and grant you and yours wonderful tidings. Because peanut butter balls make people happy. And that's a big mitzvah.

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