Sunday, February 6, 2011


This past Shabbat, lunch was sponsored by a group of people in honor of a recent wedding. It's called a Sheva Brocha - a meal for the bride and groom. It was set up as a buffet. In other words, an "eat-a-thon."

For those of us not blessed with will power (this should actually be written in the first person), these events are a cause for alarm, and truly uncomfortable if you forget to wear an elastic shirt. There is literally food flying everywhere, and no one is concerned if you eat off their plate. In fact, in you don't, they'll move it from their plate and put it on yours.

Afterwards, I stumbled home, changed into something more comfortable (read: mu mu) and fell fast asleep. Remarkably, I stayed FULL until this morning. All this nutrition information doesn't seem to be making a notch in my brain or my belt.

Oh dear. Oy vey. Sigh.

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