Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Week That Was

I always feel guilty when I don't blog. It's kinda like how Anne Frank must have felt when she skipped a day in her diary. Like something left unsaid.

There's a lot left unsaid, because there has been so much stress and sadness this week. Stress from being overwhelmed with coursework, and sadness because we lost another member of our community. Just when you think it's okay to surface, another tragedy hits.

Today, there will be a funeral and a wedding, and I feel obligated to attend both. How can I be sad and then happy in one day, in one hour?

G-d is the Boss; He knows what is right and where the path we're on ends. It's frustrating walking along, sometimes slowly, sometimes with full gusto. I never felt this way before I had children - now I fear for them always.

I generally don't like to blog when I'm down, but then I'd probably not blog at all. Here's to Life - and faith and hope. I just keep having to repeat that over and over again.

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