Sunday, January 2, 2011


I hurt myself exercising a few months back and finally got around to visiting the sports clinic about it. It was determined that I had injured my IT Band muscle and needed therapy.

Okay. So my therapist, David, took one look at me in leggings and pronounced that my right side was a bit atrophied - it was not as strong as my left side. From the waist down, that is. So, ergo, the IT Band on my right side bore the brunt of it.

So guess what I get to do as often as I can? Squeeze the muscles of my right side only when sitting, lying, or waiting for something that involves movement. Add to that semi-squats that left me with the inability to walk without moaning, and there you have it. Therapy.

Oh joy.


  1. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. :)

  2. In truth, the therapist said my right butt cheek was smaller than my left (hence the photo) and so I have to do the squeezes. Too delicate to actually blog about. When I asked him if I could make my left cheek smaller, he looked at me like I was a space alien - and said no one ever asked him that before. Hello - anything to get the butt smaller!

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