Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Bit of Heaven

A few months back I went to the eye doctor, who suggested I start wearing sunglasses. A purist, I always felt wearing sunglasses would ruin your eyes, not help them. But age, and the threat of cataracts, has changed that point of view.

I personally own three pairs of glasses - insurance against misplacing any one or two pairs. It's my back up. So when I went to my eye glass store to fill the prescription, I asked if it was possible to purchase a clip-on, in the hopes of avoiding another glass case in the purse. He convinced me the cost was the same, so I went ahead a bought a pair of sunglasses. Cost: $85.

Fate brought me to the 99-cent stores a few days back. I imagine there's a 99 in Heaven, that's how much fun it is. Everything is one dollar, and there are bargains galore. Including a pair of clip-ons that fit my regular glasses perfectly. For 99 cents.

My husband tried to make me feel better by saying the sunglasses are a higher quality. Still, the clip-on was what I wanted all along. Thank you G-d, for the clip-on. And thank you for sunglasses - another backup. It's all good.

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