Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Things Are Sacred

Last night, my husband and I volunteered to handle the door at the shul Chanuaka party. That meant asking people to pay for entrance, and then convincing them that they really did want to buy raffle tickets for a wig.

The food was amazing, the table settings were quite beautiful, and the speeches inspiring. Then came time to play a game. They chose Jewish Jeopardy.

At first, I thought it was a cute idea. The categories were all local or about Chabad in general, and two teams of old timers participated. The Rav said no women were allowed. I kinda felt cheated, but as the questions were asked, it became obvious that I was out of my league.

And out of my mind. Jeopardy gives the answers, not the questions. And you have to start with the $100 questions and work your way down, not take them arbitrarily. From the sidelines I called foul. Jeopardy is a sacred institution in America. Messing with that game ain't right.

Oh sure, you can use your own answers, but you can't change the way the game is played. If a team got part of the answer right, they got part of the points. What!?

Okay, taking a deep breathe. Keep telling yourself that it was all for fun. All for laughs. That's entertainment. But still, messing with Jeopardy just ain't right.

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