Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Rain Stick

I finished my exercise routine this morning (lol), showered and sat down to breakfast when I noticed a really big stick leaning upright on one of the dining room chairs.

Like a fool I asked my husband what it was. His reply, no joke, was to ask me the same question. That genetic Jew thing of answering a question with a question has got to have its limits.

So I picked it up and it started making a tinkling sound. My smiling husband informed me it is a rain stick, duly purchased at a garage sale this very morning for $1. "Where," I exclaimed, "is the garage sale?"

Now the hub was refusing to come clean, but I persevered anyway, and got the location. Hopped on my bike, and rode over. Fifteen minutes later, I had a small digital clock, a pair of sterling silver earrings from Thailand and a wine rack. Not to mention a completely new respect for a bike rack, which I don't own.

I'm sitting here, looking at the time on my little clock, wearing my new earrings and hoping my husband will relent and mount the wine rack on the wall. Thank you G-d, for happiness. After yesterday's bad news, I know it's fleeting enough.

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