Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eureka, I Found It

That's right - eureka, I've found it. Not gold actually, but the next best thing: Food 4 Less. I went there today to get the price of oil for a project I'm working on and was wowed by the expanse of food offerings.

Okay, I'm easily impressed. Big supermarkets (in this case, a warehouse) get me all excited with the endless possibilities of food products. I did manage to give a passing thought to starving people the world over, but I can't get over array of choice, and indeed, duplicity of items. I mean, if you're an albino Hispanic who likes tortillas baked with cilantro, you've come to the right place!

The processed kosher items are not terribly evident, thank G-d, but there's plenty of fresh produce, chips, soda and coffee to fill the frig and the pantry without breaking a sweat.

I think I've found my safe haven. My husband joked that I could practice my Spanish, which is true - without even opening my mouth. I could just read the product boxes.

Nothing like knowing your place in the world. Mine is eating 4 less. G-d bless America!

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