Sunday, July 25, 2010

Walking the Walk

Today, I went for a walk. A good long walk, just me and my son Mendel. He took his scooter, and I set out on foot to go shopping. We walked about a mile, taking our time, attending two garage sales (one twice, actually), both unexpected and pleasant adventures on our way to the bookstore, thrift store and market.

What made this trip so special is that Mendel agreed to go. While in possession of a good heart and a streak of kindness, Mendel tends to be difficult to get along with, and takes after this mother in being a tad overweight (okay, we're knocking on obesity's door - happy now?).

So the walk, which took me away from homework, was an attempt to get us both outdoors and moving our behinds. And in the process, we found that we actually had a good time together. At the bookstore, Mendel got a new yarmulke and I got a, well, book.

At the health food store he helped me grind coffee beans, and fought a losing battle against me buying caffeine free chocolate mint coffee (worth every penny!). Then we went to the thrift store in search of another scooter in the hopes of avoiding family arguments, were unsuccessful and headed home.

Along the way we spoke to a woman who had just lost her cat this morning, and I felt myself start to cry. We went to one garage sale on our way to the store, and another on our way back (we stopped by the first garage sale to pick up one more item!). Four dollars spent, in exchange for 2 pairs of earrings, one bracelet, a small notebook and and an office organizer. Garage sales are fun and economic ways to meet your neighbors, and stock up on the things you always meant to buy but couldn't afford new. I love them, and so do my kids.

Thank you, Holy One, for Mendel, and the time to share with him. We plan to do this daily, maybe not to to shop, but just to walk. Move it and shake it. Walk the walk.

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