Sunday, July 4, 2010

Special Time

Today, I spent a few hours shopping with my daughter. I guess I forgot how I hate shopping, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

We went to a place called "The Grove," a beautiful outdoor mall with amazing ambiance and expensive stores to delight the hundreds of tourists who show up daily. My daughter and I went to the American Girl doll store.

Oh my gosh. Talk about excessive. There must be a dozen dolls with names and histories, books and clothes, a gimmick for the rich. My inner socialist was appalled. My daughter couldn't be happier.

After a whole 45 minutes had passed, I started to get antsy and demanded my daughter make up her mind - she got one book about some doll's story (read: crisis) and that's it. She was pushing for a video, but at $15, that was going too far. I kept thinking to myself this stuff must be cheaper on Amazon.

We left there and went to a store recommended by a friend of mine called "Forever 21." I advise they rename the store "Forever Deaf" because the music is so loud I started getting a headache. We found a headband, hair clip and nail polish for my daughter. I don't know how we did it exactly, as the music made me so jumpy and I had to scream at her to ask her a question. Yes, I did mention the loud music to the salesgirl and yes, she did nothing.

Finally, we finished off the day peacefully with some frozen yogurt and pizza. I know it's traditional to BBQ on July 4th, but somehow, pizza seemed so right. Thank you Holy One, for an inquisitive daughter and the time to spend with her.

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