Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Could Just Cry

I admit it - I'm an emotional person. An emotional midget I call myself. I cry at everything. Don't get me started.

So when I watched a YouTube video recently on the gulf oil spill, I just lost it. Yeah, it's sad about the birds and the wild life, but what got me was a young woman, with her southern twang, explaining about how life was over for her and her family. They made their living off the gulf waters, and now that living was over.

The whole story is rotten and there's plenty of blame to go around -starting with BP and ending with the White House. This disaster is an ecological nightmare. And that young woman brought it home.

G-d save us, take pity on us, and help those fighting the spill control it and stop it. May the Holy One protect all who are victimized, creatures great and small. For those who caused it and allowed it to play out this long, a plague on your homes. You deserve no less.

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