Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Miracle Worker

No one loves miracles stories more than me, especially when I'm on the receiving end. Yes, that's right, I experienced a miracle. Actually, several all at once.

To make a long, but to me, incredibly interesting story short, I went from having no financial aid to having it; getting a petition to permit overlapping of classes signed by a professor not seen in a month who happened to show up when I got there, and working out my course schedule all in a matter of two hours. And twenty minutes.

The big picture: Over the past three months that I have been checking on my financial aid status (grant and loan), I've been put off by the financial aid office saying that if I turned in my form (try May 2010) that it was being processed. Do you think anyone from the financial aid office would actually get off their chair and see if they can find the form? Oh no.

So when I popped in to my department on Tuesday to get a petition signed allowing me to enroll in two classes that slightly overlap, I also popped into the financial aid office, where I was told, one week from class enrollment (which requires full payment of $2000 in advance), that there was no form and hence, no matter what I did, no financial aid. It's an understatement to say I was upset.

I went back to my department, made an appointment with my adviser the next day, and then went home, feeling robbed. Not to mention knowing that I would have to miss half my Spanish class, and drive, and hence pay, for parking at two campuses in one day. Frozen yogurt was going to have to wait.

So Tuesday night, I called a bunch of friends to cry on their shoulders, and one had a great suggestion. Write the Ohel - write to the Rebbe's resting place and ask for a blessing that all will be well.

And I did. Then I drove myself to one school, left early with my professor's blessings, met with my adviser at my university, got my schedule straightened out, took my petition to the professor to sign, who happened to show up when I got there, and then went to the belly of the beast: the financial aid office.

My adviser told me that the lost financial aid form would have to be replaced anyway, so just go over there and get it. And I did. When my turn came, it was another young man who helped me, and I asked him to please give me the form, even though I know it won't do me any good this quarter. He looked at me and told me that if I fill this form out now and return it to him signed, he will get me my financial aid.

I ran to my department only to find everyone who needed to sign my form was still there! I ran back, handed it to the young man, and voila, I am fully funded.

Kinda long winded, I know, but a miracle nonetheless. All in the blink of an eye. Thank you Creator, for listening to my needs and finding me worthy of having them fulfilled. I won't let You down!

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