Sunday, July 11, 2010

Nine Days in July

Starting tonight, Jews the world over will begin the observance of the first 9 days of Jewish month of Av - a time of tragedy and reflection culminating in the 9th of Av. On that day, we fast and remember the truly horrible fate of our people thousands of years ago: the destruction the first and second temples in Jerusalem, hundreds of years apart, on the very same day.

But it wasn't thousands of years ago. It was today. Because Jewish history is history only to the outside observer. To the millions of us that observe its laws, its customs and participate in its survival, Judaism is a living, breathing part of us. Events are relevant today as they were when the actually happened.

The Babylonian and Roman sieges of Jerusalem are happening right now. Jews are dying by the thousands, the city is burning.

Yet, today, there are no Babylonians or Romans to apologize for the destruction and slaughter; instead, we stand strong.

I cannot help but feel that those today who feel as those did then - that the Jewish people must be destroyed, will share the fate of all our past enemies. The clock is ticking, and the end is near. And we Jews and our allies, by the will of G-d, will be the last man standing. Again.

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