Monday, February 20, 2012

Working Overtime

I'm sure if we all stop for a moment and think about it, we'll notice that G-d has intervened in our lives for the best.  Like today, for example.

I like to carpool with a friend of mine to school Monday morning, and decided this morning to take the bus to her house.  Truth is, with the bus system we have here (see all my posts from last week), even if you wanted to go down the street it's best to start an hour early.

So there I was, an hour before I needed to be at my friend's house, on the street walking to the bus stop.  I was nearly there too, when I realized I had forgotten my cell phone.  My friend lives in a secure building with no ability to be buzzed in, so either I call her and she comes down to get me or I wait for a neighbor to leave and grab the door.

There's no way I could get on the bus without my phone, so I turned around and headed home to get it.  Once there, I realized that it was too late to risk getting on the bus and making it on time, so I called my husband, who had the day off, for a ride.  When we got to the corner of Hollywood and Highland, not far from where my friend lives, we saw it.  Hollywood Boulevard west to La Brea was closed, getting reading for the Oscar presentations this Sunday.

Even if I had left on time I would have been late.  I was headed for the subway stop on Hollywood and Highland, and the bus would have detoured to get to it, adding easy an extra 10 to 15 minutes I didn't have.

So there you have it.  G-d, in a nutshell, ensured that I would get to my friend's house on time by making me leave my cell phone behind.  Even if you all don't agree, it's a great story.

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