Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feeling Special

Yesterday was a stressful day. I had to make a presentation in my class and as much as I love to talk, I hate to present. But I survived and it was successful, and I rode home on my bike in the rain and I survived that too.

So I had no expectations that today would be any different. No, I'm not making a presentation, but that's not the only thing to be stressed about. I had to go to the post office, do some food shopping, and then go to the bank. And here's how that turned out.

First stop, the post office. I took my Tehillim because I'm usually not alone at the post office. I tend to be surrounded by a crowd of people, only one of which actually works for the postal system. You could read War & Peace while waiting, and still have time to kill. But today, four post workers at their windows meant I didn't have to wait. I was already starting to feel G-dliness.

Next stop, Trader Joe's. I could shop there everyday, but it gets mobbed and so I usually go when supplies are running low. Took my time, walked around, asked about products, got on line. Wouldn't you know it, a clerk grabs my cart and pulls me over to her - she was just opening her check out aisle and I was first up. I could feel G-d breathing down my neck.

Final stop, the bank. Okay, this one's a little tricky. Had a lot of transactions, and frankly, I was confused about what I needed to do. But I got through it, checked my receipt, which I NEVER do, and sure enough, I made a mistake with one of the transactions. Fixed it, got everything straight, walked out of the bank feeling like I owned the world.

So there you go. The day is young, G-d's on my side, and there's nine more hours left before putting this day to bed. Bring it on!

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