Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taking A Bike

In my never-ending quest to lose weight by exercise, I have taken up riding a bike. My husband enjoys putting bikes together, beginning from the frame and adding parts to customize it. I chose one he had put together that fit my frame, asked him to inflate the tires, and away I went.

The plan is to take a bike to school, as I will be attending late night classes, all of which end at 10 pm. I will disembark from the the Hollywood/Highland subway and coast downhill, all the way home.

So today I decided to take my bike on the bus. That involves lowering the bike rack on the front of the bus, lifting your bike onto it, and then locking it in. I've never done that, and like all things I've never done, I was a little nervous and felt a dry run before school starts was is in order.

When the bus came, there was already a bike on the rack, so all I had to do was lift it up and put in on. But I didn't know how to lock it on and a kind, old black man got off the bus to help me. I rode the bus down the street, got off, and crossed the street to catch the bus back. This time, I loaded the bike myself, locked it on, and rode all the way to the Hollywood/Highland station to practice the ride home. I barely had to pedal, as the ride is truly downhill all the way.

How fun! But truth is, I live in fear of getting a flat. I don't know how to change a tire, and would hate to have to drag a bike around because of it. Well, one issue at a time.

Next week: I take my bike on the subway to practice that end of the trip. Is my life exciting or what?

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