Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flying High

I am here in Boston visiting my brother for a few days, just in time for the rain. Oh, no - stuck in the house spending time with my brother and his wife, my sister and her husband and the two most adorable twins ever!

What began with over sleeping and a mad dash out of the house to the airport ended with an incredible airplane trip with an amazing seat mate. Her name is Laura, a microbiologist and native Bostonian, and we spent some 4 ours in conversation. Instant friendship, lasting memories.

New England has a different look and energy than Los Angeles, but seeing my brother is all that matters. I have, thank G-d the most attentive and kindest sister-in-law, and it brings me to tears that I can't live nearby.

But snow is snow, and I can't handle it. So when my education is done in two years and it's time to settle into a career, I will keep my mind open as to where to live. Open, that is, to anyplace with a Mediterranean climate and no snow. As the saying goes, man plans and G-d laughs. Got the feeling He's laughing right now.

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