Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Going to Costco

When my husband said he was going to Costco, this mega-outlet of bulk buying, I jumped at the chance to go, even making him wait for me to shower, get dressed and make coffee. I could only dream about getting into that amazing warehouse of stuff, and finding just the right stuff to take home.

When we got out of the car, my husband made it known that this was his shopping experience, not mine. I asked if he wanted me to get my own cart, but he said that was not necessary as long as I don't interfere with him. You see, unlike me, with my studying and plans for more studying that keeps me out of such places, the trip Costco is a standard monthly one for my husband, who has the aisles he needs already planned out.

So I meekly followed behind, dropping stuff in the cart when he wasn't looking, and oohing and ahhing at everything. But my husband doesn't just buy stuff, he talks to everyone. Finds out where they are from, what their opinions are on items, asks them to help figure out how much individual items cost in bulk orders. All the stuff I never do.

It makes shopping that much more fun for him, and usually for the people around him. However, it's not my comfort level to interact with people that way. I have the friends I love, and call them with such questions (except the cost of individual items in bulk). It's just a matter of personal style and how we differ. It's all about complementing each other as well.

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