Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Afternoon With Al

I finally convinced my husband to come to school with me. I needed to go to the career center, stop by financial aid and then visit my office to drop off stuff.

I loaded up my stuff (a Costco box filled of paper clips, pencil holder, waste basket, photo of the Rebbe, and metal stacking file) only to find, when I got there, that I forgotten my key. Oh my gosh. Freak out. I am always going to forget my key and I can't duplicate it. Okay, one issue at a time.

So I worked on my resume with the counselor there. A word on Broom Hilda, and I say that in a loving way. She's about 70 years old, from an undisclosed European country (when they won't say, I just guess Germany) and she likes to talk. Helpful as all get out, but just really slow and right now, I'm too hyper to deal with slow. (Yes, I did have 20 Oz of home-brewed coffee, and I'm sure that has something to do with it!)

I rushed out of there as fast as I could (30 minutes), ran over to financial aid, found the information I needed, and then we left for my office in the library. When you forget your key, the library staff opens the door for you, so we got in.

Truth be told, when I first saw my cubicle office a few weeks back, it looked bigger. Now I realize that my big plans for it (fold up foam chair-bed, comfortable chair, mini-frig and coffee maker) are not going to work out. First, they don't allow mini (or otherwise) frigs or coffee makers, and there really isn't enough room for the bed and chair.

Also, there's a window in the door that anyone walking by (granted, they would have to go out of their way, so basically, this is staff and friends) can see in the room. You are not allowed to cover over the window, or they will open your door and remove whatever is blocking the line of sight.

To make a long story short, my husband moved around the one piece of furniture to afford more privacy, while I worried about someone crawling over the partition and stealing stuff.

Even though my husband made fun of the obvious pride I have in my school, we had fun. Yes, I can live without him talking to EVERYONE, but he is very helpful and we enjoyed our time together. Before long, I will be back in school, and hopefully working. There won't be much time for this kind of fun.

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