Monday, August 16, 2010

Picking Tomatoes

I attended a seminar not far from home yesterday on how to be a teacher. That's right, yours truly will be teaching a high school class in physiology this fall, which goes to show you how desperate the Jewish school system is here in Los Angeles. I took one class in physiology a few years back because I had to, and passed, with an A, through serious prayer and extra credit.

Afterwards, I decided to walk down the street and pick some tomatoes. The Jewish community in Los Angeles has quite a few websites for current events, but my favorite is called Hilly's List, a daily advertisement for the orthodox of what's happening here. On Friday last, I noticed a listing for free tomatoes - just bring your own bag and pick 'em.

When I got to the address in the ad, I realized, much to my delight, that it's the home of my husband's cousins. So I picked tomatoes, schmoozed, was brought up to date on extended family news and then walked home.

I got as far as the end of the street before I called me husband to come fetch me. It was too hot, my back hurt from the bending, and I needed a nap. I was this side of grouchy, but had to smile for spending time with two truly kind people (to me and mine). Thank you G-d, for life's little surprises. Just keep them all this good.

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