Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spending the Day

If you forget about the aggravation associated with a lost passport, lost California ID, and generally speaking, a mind lost in a fog, I had a wonderful day with my first born. We spent it trying to find enough ID to get him tested at Santa Monica College (SMC) to allow enrollment for summer school.

Granted, being tested in English and Math skills is stressful, but I had a great time visiting the book store, standing in line at Admissions and getting my school picture ID. Because I'm taking a class this summer at SMC as well. Every day of the week. Yeah. Can't wait.

While my son sweat it out in the testing room for an hour and a half, I walked the campus I spent a year at, marveling at all the sites I never took in. Like the incredible fountain, or the theater arts building, or the financial aid office.

Lazy days of summers - not likely.

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